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•  A Healthy Lifestyle Is the Key to Maintaining and Increasing Your IQ
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First Step to improve your I.Q

There are many ways through which you can make your brain function at a more rapid speed. There are also many methods which will enable your brain to stock more information and use it in a more easier way. Yet, in order to make those techniques really work for you it is advisable that you know what the real value of your IQ is. Many people do not have an accurate idea about their IQ and still want their brain to work better. It is true that knowing what your intelligence quotient is will not make you smarter, but will give you an idea about your current intelligent abilities and will give you a tool of measuring your improvements once you started training your brain. Think about it: if you do not know what your IQ is now, how will you know if your intellectual capacities have improved or not? The IQ tests are simple mind tests on the basis of which you can determine how good your brain functions. These tests have as main goal that of evaluating your knowledge and the way in which your brain responds to several types of external factors. During these tests, almost all the sides of the brain are put to test, so that their results should be as accurate as possible. In order for an IQ test to have accurate results, the one undergoing the examination must not be tired, must not have undergone strong experiences which may affect their power of focusing, must be in a quiet room, without any factor which may disturb their attention and must not be under the influence of narcotics or alcoholic drinks. Thus, if you are in one of these conditions, you should wait until everything gets to normal and only afterwards undergo the testing. Once you have the results of the IQ tests you will be ready to start a program which will enable you to increase your intelligence efficiently. After such a test you will have all the necessary data about your brain and will be able to understand its needs and in which of its sectors you will have to further insist. Resource box: If you are interested to know more details about the way in which your brain functions and about the way in which you can improve your IQ readů. You will find there a complete guide about how to increase your intellectual capacities in a simple and natural manner.

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