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From the Desk of -RAMMANI

Dear Forex Trader-


If you are reading this letter it is probably because you have wanted to become part of the new "boom industry" which is trading Forex online.

Never ever heard of trading Forex? Most people in the world have already traded money "Forex style" at one point in their life or another on a very peripheral level in their day-to-day life!

Have you ever travelled overseas and been on vacation and had to swap your currency for another?

If so then you are capable of understanding how Forex Trading works!

You probably tried to get the best deal for that currency possible and tried to make a little bit of a profit. Forex trading works very much the same way.

My own experience of Forex trading and the people who trade is that many new traders tend to jump straight in at the 'deep end' of the business. This is because most people just want to make a profit as quickly as possible.

The first thing they do and THIS IS A BIG MISTAKE, is buy some robotic program to do their trading for them.

In fact the very first thing that I did when I got interested in this topic was blow a $100 bucks on an automatic trading program. This was like getting into a car and then handing the steering wheel over to a person with a blindfold on ... you need to make decisions about where you would like to go or of course you are going to crash!

The bottom line is that these expensive programs are not capable of mastering the market by thoroughly understanding it like a human brain can!!

Do you know what those automatic FOREX trading programs remind me of?

They remind me of those programs you can buy to pull the handle on the slot machines on gambling sites. They make split decisions based on chance for you again and again but at the same time you only have a fifty percent chance of winning any money.

The reason that I wrote this eBook is so that you could MASTER Forex, not leave it up to fate as to whether or not trading on a currency is going to pay off for you.

If you want a luxurious life that is financed by Forex trading profits then you cannot leave your choices up to fate.

However many first time Forex traders go into it thinking that it really is like a game of luck. Nothing could be further from the truth! It really is about strategy!

Stop Handicapping Yourself With Automation and Learn How to Make Money With Forex Once and For All!

The fact that Forex Traders many new traders, or even those who have been around the business for a year or two, do not know a great deal about the background and the real 'nuts and bolts' of the Forex trading business is why most of them are not making that much money at it.

This is a mistake as far as I'm concerned, because Forex really is one of the businesses where knowledge is power!

If you have a 'knowledge gap' (even if it is only concerned with the basic background to the Forex industry), you are at a disadvantage.

Nowadays anyone with a computer and internet connection can trade Forex. It also couldn't be cheaper. There are many online brokers that will take an investment of only one dollar to get you started!

However if you want to make more than ten dollars trading FX and learn how to make a living you are going to have to learn how to play in the big leagues.

A few years ago I knew absolute nothing about trading Forex. I just knew that people were making money from it and I wanted a piece of the action.

It took me a long, long time to figure out what I was doing when it came to FX (the nickname for Forex.)

I quickly found out that even though trading Forex on the Internet genuinely does offer the opportunity of making a lot of money it is equally easy to lose a lot of money as well.

I also discovered that Forex is NOT a get rich scheme. You get out of it what you put into it ...

Or to put it another way ... when it comes to investing in Forex you get what you pay for.

In Forex Market Winner I try to describe the mistakes I made and especially one BIG one that caused me to lose a ton of money.

The basic starting point that I worked from when writing this book is that anyone from the greenest Forex beginner to those who have a little more experience should be able to use the information.

By doing so, you will be able to build your own profitable Forex trading business without spending any more money on 'how to' guides!

In fact, Forex Market Winner is probably the last guide about FX trading that you will ever need to buy!

Knowing the newbie's need to understand this subject or start losing money I have started this book from the very beginning of the 'Forex story'.

However the book is also for those who are a bit more advanced when it comes to trading Forex because I really have created a good solid reference. However, if you feel you already have some knowledge and experience of trading Forex, you may want to jump ahead by a chapter or two and get right into the nuts and bolts of devising your own system.

Having said that, my own experience of Forex trading and the people who trade is that many new traders tend to jump straight in at the 'deep end' of the business!

This is perhaps not entirely surprising, as it is obvious that the primary interest of any self-respecting trader is to make a profit as quickly as possible.

What it does mean however is that many new traders, or even those who have been around the business for a year or two, do not know a great deal about the background and the real 'nuts and bolts' of the business.

You may not think this is particularly important, but if so, that would indicate that you really do need to read this book from beginning to end, because uniquely, in Forex trading, if other traders know more than you do, you could potentially have a big problem on your hands.

Are you ready to Master Forex Trading?
Get to Know the Basics First!

First of all before you buy my ebook let me explain some of the basics about the subject.

When you trade in foreign currency on Forex markets, what you are essentially doing in every case is changing one currency for another.

Consequently, every currency has two prices quoted, being the 'Bid' (buy) price and the 'Offer' (sell) price. These prices are drawn from a centralized feed with information collected from the top 200-300 financial institutions around the world.

Now, it is logical that if you want to 'buy' or 'sell' anything, the price has to be expressed in terms of and be relative to an understood measure of value.

Let's just say want to buy a loaf of bread in London, then the price that you will be quoted will be valued and expressed in British Pounds, whereas if you were to do the same in Berlin, the price would be measured in Euros.

This is also how things work in Forex exchange terms. This means that when you are looking to buy or sell any particular currency, you have to do so in exchange for another currency, and in order to know what your exchange rate is going to be, you must know what that other currency is.

As a consequence, in Forex markets, currencies are always paired together so that buying or selling price of one against the other can be quoted and you can make decision...that is if you are not using an automated robot to make your decisions for you!

In fact, it is estimated that perhaps as much as 90% of foreign exchange trading that takes place every day is of a speculative nature by big companies using bots to make decisions.

These big companies are buying or selling one currency against another in the expectation that foreign exchange rates will move in such a way that they will then be able to reverse the trade at a later date and make a profit by doing so.

However you are not a big company! You are a David playing with Goliaths but you can still slay the market and make a ton of money!

Forex Markets Have Changed and So Can You!

Nowadays of course, markets have changed beyond all recognition to the way they were even as recently as only five years ago.

In the past large-scale Forex trading was something that only extremely wealthy individuals, large corporations and banks would get involved in, it is now possible for anyone to trade the spot Forex markets online armed with nothing more than a couple of dollars.

Markets have changed in many other ways too. IN Forex Market Winner I can teach you how to make wise decisions and choices as an informed FX player.

There are TWO crucial things that you MUST understand about Forex before your start investing--

  • There is no single 'central point' of any Forex marketplace in any of the major market countries such as Japan, Great Britain or the USA. This is in direct contrast to other financial markets. For instance, if you wanted to trade stocks in Tokyo, you would do so using the Tokyo Stock Exchange, which is a physical building where stocks traded from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.
  • There is no universally agreed foreign exchange rate, as there is a fixed price for stocks and shares or commodity contracts. Because of a lack of a central 'Forex Exchange Building', exchange rates are agreed between individual parties to specific Forex 'deals', parties such as major financial institutions, Governments and international banking corporations.
You have probably just learned more in the last few paragraphs than any other author about Forex has bothered to explain to you in an entire eBook.

In fact my experience looking at eBooks written by other self-styled gurus on the topic is that they only contain information that you can find anywhere else on the internet.

You need MORE than that. You need INSIDER information about Forex.

To be a Forex market winner, you need to how markets work, why they behave in the way they do and how you can take advantage of what is happening in foreign exchange markets to make a profit by trading yourself.

I teach you how to take responsibility for your own trading activities rather than relying on a robot that may or may not make money for you.

In Forex Market Winner I start out by thoroughly explaining the basics of the FX system including --

checkThe basic principles behind money exchange and the pairing of currencies

checkAll about the concept of speculative trading and why some people simply are unable to make money at it

checkHow the Forex trading system came about in the 1970s

checkThe many advantages to trading Forex

checkWhy trading currencies is preferable to trading stocks or commodities

checkHow to make money at a market that is open 24 hours a day and five days a week

checkHow Forex works despite the fact that there is no central exchange like the stock market

checkHow to get access online to the global financial markets

checkGuidance on how to open a demo (practice) trading account so you can test various online trading systems to see which ones are best for you (screenshots from my own experiences with these sites are also included)

checkA personal recommendation from me on where to find the very best trading platform

checkHow to buy one currency while selling another

checkHow to understand the abbreviations for each currency

checkHow to read currency quotes and comparison charts

checkHow to understand Bids and Asks and the Bid-Ask spread so you can strategize about how to make money

checkHow to choose a broker online

checkWhy having a bit more money to trade with might be better than less when it comes to finding a great broker

checkWhy loss is going to be a surmountable disappointment that is part of the process of ultimately making money with the Forex system

checkThe recommended amount of money you must have in your Forex account to keep yourself in the trading game--because you can't win or lose the game if you can't play

checkHow to assess a Forex trader to see if you want their online services as part of your life

checkWhere to get a mini- or micro- Forex trading account if you only have a couple of hundred bucks to invest

checkUnderstanding the what the percentage of leverage levels offered by a broker mean and how you can use them to your advantage

...and much more information about how Forex Trading Information works.

As an educator I really do believe in learning by example.

That is why I devote an entire chapter in Forex Market Winner to taking you step by step, with screenshots, through the process of making a trade.

I walk you through a typical trading scenario using a EUURSD pair as an example and address such questions as:

checkHow can I understand how one currency is more likely to gain value over another?

checkWhen should I decide to enter the market by buying one standard lot of currency

checkHow can I figure out if I can afford the leverage asked for by the online if I doo invest an amount

checkHow do I decide to buy or sell?

checkHow does the spread between the two prices com into the picture when I am looking at "Ask" and "Bid" prices

checkWhat are pips and what do they have to with trading?

checkHow do I know whether or not the market is climbing or falling?

checkWhat happens if I do not have enough money in my account to deposit more cash to pay off debts to the broker?

checkDo I really need a trading system to automate any of this?

checkWhat ultimately is going to prevent me from trading in a haphazard way or making bad decisions?

...and many more answers that will steer you on the path to making a profit when playing with Forex online.

An expert Texas Hold 'Em player once told me that the main reason people don't win poker games is because they bring their emotions into it.

They start out by winning a big pot and then they start losing and losing and getting sadder and madder and then the next thing you know they have lost their entire mass of winnings because they keep acting out of desperation.

The imperative to win can sometimes make you the biggest loser of all. The best poker players know that sometimes the best thing to do is "let it ride" and so should you.

Leave your ego and emotions out of this or otherwise you are playing to LOSE!

Play to WIN!

Mastering Forex Means Mental Mastery

One of the biggest mistakes that almost all new Forex traders make is using feelings, intuition and gut instinct rather than logic and rationality to make choices.

That is why in Forex Market Winner I teach you how to win the mental war when investing including such issues as -

checkWhy trading based on emotions (how you feel) is lethal for your Forex business

checkWhy every decisions you make must be validated by your system and your plan

checkWhy it is important that you have a trading plan that you can stick to...

checkWhy overconfidence can be a leery thing when it comes to trading

checkWhy you MUST understand that taking a hit every now and then is a part of Forex trading life

checkHow to avoid seeing what were merely "potential profits" as losses in the system

checkHow to get a hold of yourself if the market appears to be plunging

checkWhy "not thinking of the money" can work ironically to make you more money

checkWhy it is easier to stay in emotional control if you think in terms of pips rather than cash

checkHow thinking of losses as business expenses can allay the disappointment of losing money

checkHow keeping a journal that is a detailed record of our Forex related activities can help you make wise trades in the future

checkHow to keep focused on the big picture and not take little losses as signs or omens that you should get out of the business

checkHow to find a trading style that suits you and your personality

checkHow to be realistic about how much money you can make and create defined objectives that can help you reach these goals

checkHow to focus on protecting and maintaining your capital rather than laying it all on the line so you can make a big win

checkHow visualizing the amount of money you want to make trading can help you manifest it

checkHow you can place yourself under too much pressure by visualizing targets that are much too high

checkHow learning the basics, instead of leaving it to a robotic program, can help you make the best trades

checkWhy it is really a good idea not to make any trades based on what other people tell you

checkWhy the media is not necessarily the best source of information about which way a currency is going to go

checkWhy you should never trust the online new system offered by brokers as a source of information

...and lots more information about how to control wishful thinking and emotions so that you can stay in the game, turn the tide and make money using Forex.

As I have hinted several times already, understanding why money management is so important and how you effectively manage your money when trading Forex is absolutely essential if you want to Forex trading success story.

If you are not yet trading, here is something to realize before you start.

There is nothing more important in Forex trading than effective money management, because with the best thought out plan in the world and a trading system that is super-efficient, you will still go broke very quickly if you do not manage your money and your risk properly!

That is why in Forex Market Winner I have included an entire chapter on how to manage your money while trading including -

checkHow to truly understand the risk factor involved in any particular trade

checkWhy you should never overextend yourself by taking advantage of a broker's leverage offer that is too high

checkThe types of ratios you should avoid when looking at leverages because if you lose in the market you will lose big time!

checkWhy you can afford a larger leverage if you are using a mini o micro account but not if you are using a standard account

checkHow to understand loss of capital as a percentage and the percentage required that you will need to break even from your initial account margin

checkHow you can quickly and easily dig yourself into a great big hole of debt if you don't avoid doing these specific things when Forex trading!

checkThe three things that you need to know in order to stay in control of the trade at all times

checkHow to determine what your point of entry is into the market and what that signal to entry should appear as ..

checkHow to figure out how much profit you can make from any given trade

checkHow to have a clear idea of what your profit target should be

checkWhat you need to do to assess the potential gain against the potential loss to assess whether a trade is worth entering into or not

checkHow to calculate a stop loss order that can help you gain pips

checkHow to perceive stop loss orders in terms of profit and loss ratios!

checkHow to manage a particular trade as it progresses so that you can grab some of the profits as you go along

checkWhy it might be necessary to liquidate a position in order to take advantage of other profits

checkWhy you should NEVER EVER move your stop loss if the market turns against you, even if you are 110% convinced that this is a good idea!

checkHow to figure out how much you want to commit to a market

checkThe magic percentage number that you can invested from your total account that should never be exceeded

checkWhy it may be a lower risk to focus on major currency airings such as EURUSD, GBYUSD and USDJPY when you first start investing

checkWhy it may not be such a hot idea to base your analysis of the market of the events that are going on in the world

checkHow to use a "tick chart" to figure out whether or not a market might be going up or down

checkHow to read candlestick charts (also known as Japanese candlestick charts) in order to figure out what type of time period you want to invest in...

checkHow to read a bar chart to understand the high and low points of the market before you make the decision to invest

checkHow to analyze patterns in both bar and candlestick charts so you can make wise investments

checkHow to decide when it is a good idea to go with a strong trend when you are analyzing Forex charts

checkHow to set up an account system that really works so that you can make focused, organized decisions about your life

checkHow to make your own system that gives you an hourly look at the market so you are no longer reliant on bots, spiders and programs to buy and sell for you!

checkHow to add exponential moving averages to your chart so that you can keep a close eye on trading opportunities that develop

...and everything else that you need to know to make wise, money-making decisions when you invest in Forex.


When I created this affordable manual I decided to put everything in it that I know about how to become a successful Forex trader -- ranging from the theories of the market, how to have a trading plan and how to have the right mental headset before you even get into trading.

Forex Market Winner is also very detailed and contains all kinds of screenshots, diagrams and drawings, especially of the bar charts and Japanese candlesticks which can be hard to understand at first.

I also included a system that actually WORKS and REPLACES any automatic program and the screenshots in the eBook are from my own computer desktop.

As is true with so many things, the simpler you can keep your Forex trading activities, the more likely it is that you will become profitable because there are far less things go wrong when your system is simple and straightforward.

You must have a system in place that drives everything you do in Forex trading terms. And, once that system is in place, you should use it to dictate all of your market activity, so that even when you are tweaking your system and testing new indicators, you should never allow yourself to lose the necessary discipline.

Without having to spend a cent on an expensive Forex monitoring program you will now know everything that is going on in your Forex account because you have designed your own management system all by yourself!

Armed with the information in Forex Market Winner you can look forward to making a lucrative living as an FX trader!


30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Try it risk free today! If you purchase today, your purchase is 100% guaranteed.

If after reading the eBook, you aren't on the path to making yourself easy, accurate and profitable Forex Market Trades each and every day, just ask and I'll be glad to give you a full refund.

All purchases may be refunded within 30 days of purchase, meaning that if you think your new eBook isn't as good as I claim, you'll get every cent you paid back.

If the suggestions put forth in this report don't help you to become an uncanny and savvy FX trader as quickly as YOU want them to, I'll refund 100% of your purchase price, no questions asked.

Why am I taking all the risk on myself? Because I believe in the methods that I have written about in 'Forex Market Winner'.

I believe they work.

I KNOW they work - I have tried them all.

I believe in the results I've gotten for thousands of people, and because of that I believe that this method will work for you.


Yes! I'm ready to start improving my Forex Trading right now!

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I know that this eBook is 100% legitimate, 100% legal, and 100% what I need to learn right now.

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